Sony Smartwatch 2 to Come September 9th

If you are one of the many Sony fans eagerly awaiting the launch of the next generation Sony smartwatch that runs on Android, you may be pleased to know that the company may announce the watch on September 9th – that’s just over 3 weeks!

Whether you are a fan of smartwatches – a new crop of watches that run on smartphone operating system and brings a ton of applications, features and tools previously reserved for smartphone to your wrist, you have to appreciate the effort Sony is putting in its watches.  From the early images of the watch, it appears that the Smartwatch has been completely re-designed and ready to take on the yet-to-be-grabbed market.

Sony SmartWatch 2

Compared to one of the earliest entrants the Pebble Watch, Sony’s Smartwatch is much more advanced featuring a fully touchscreen display, a user interface a lot like that of an android phone complete with the 3 android buttons and Sony is promising that this watch will bring a ton of applications and utilities at launch.  The most important, and probably the only one for most users, is that the watch can be an active smartphone widgets, snippets and notifications to the wrist.

The new 9th September date when Sony’s smartwatch was announced by Clove, a UK retailer that will be among the first to stock and sell the new watch.  As a matter of fact, the retailer is already listing a retail price of £120 for the watch, translating to roughly $180 including taxes, a very steep price for a watch, even for a smart one for that matter.  Analysts are however predicting that Sony will be pushing the price of the watch under $150 to capture the market, especially since there are rumors that leading smartphone manufacturers including Samsung and Apple and Dell are working on wearable devices as well.

As a wrap-up, Sony’s new smartwatch is expected to have NFC connectivity feature showing that it will have Android Jelly Bean OS and will be water, dust and shock resistant.  We will keep an eye out and bring you any new rumors or news we come across regarding the Smartwatch 2.

Sources: Android Headlines

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