Solutions to the S Beam Unresponsiveness in Samsung Galaxy S4

S beam galaxy s4

The S Beam is definitely a useful app for the Samsung Galaxy S4. It is an app based on the features of the Android Beam. S Beam allows users to share contents with others who possess compatible devices through near field communication (NFC) or Wi-Fi.

Despite its promising features, some users encounter problems with the app like unresponsiveness. Among the causes of this particular S Beam problem is a simple glitch in the system of your phone, using incorrect method of transfer or rogue apps.

How to Fix S Beam Unresponsiveness

There are many ways to fix the unresponsiveness of your Galaxy S4 S Beam. Everything will be discussed here like toggling the app, the proper method of file sharing and others.

A. Toggle the Switch of the S Beam App

The first thing that you should do, is toggle the switch of the app by performing the following steps:

  1. While on the Home screen, tap the Menu button.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Select More Settings.
  4. Choose S Beam in the options by tapping it.
  5. Toggle the S Beam switch (turn it Off and then On again).

B. Make Sure that You are Using S Beam Properly

Here are the steps to share files using the S Beam:

  1. Turn on the app (using the steps in the previous item).
  2. Open the file that you want to share.
  3. Touch the devices back to back.
  4. Tap the screen of the recipient when the “Touch to Beam” message appears.
  5. A prompt will appear signaling that you can now separate the two devices.
  6. A notification will show up on the receiver’s screen when the transfer is done.

C. Restart the Galaxy S4

If after performing the steps above, the app still refuses to work, restart your device.

D. Disable or Uninstall Suspicious Apps of Your Galaxy S4

When the S Beam is working perfectly before you installed a new app or update, there is a chance that the new app or update might be culprit in its unresponsiveness. Try disabling the recent apps that you have installed or updated and test if this solves the issue.

E. Do a Factory Reset in Your Galaxy S4

Only perform this solution if nothing else seems to work. Go to the Other Causes section of this article to see how to perform a hard reset with your Galaxy S4.

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