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Smartphones with the thinnest bezels

Which are the smartphones with the thinnest bezels? There seems to be a growing obsession for thin bezels, as evidenced by the decreasing sizes of the bezels in recent smartphones. Earlier, it had been rumored that consumers would be able to enjoy bezel-less smartphones with edge-to-edge displays soon. However, no such smartphone has been released to date. Still, it appears that manufacturers are heading in that direction, if these recent smartphones are any indication.

smartphones with the thinnest bezels

Smartphones with the thinnest bezels

One of such smartphones is the LG G2, a handset that is not yet out in the market. Rumors and leaked images suggest that this handset will have ultra-thin bezels. It is estimated that the bezels on this smartphone will be around 50 percent less than those found on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, a device which has pretty slim bezels itself. Such thin bezels on the LG G2 will show off the company’s new 1080p LCD panel, which is also currently the world’s thinnest display at 2.2 millimeters. LG’s display has bezels measuring 2.33 millimeters.

Another smartphone that has notably thin bezels is the Pantech Vega Iron. This may not be a very popular smartphone, but earlier this year, its manufacturer tried to generate some buzz about the handset by claiming that it has the world’s slimmest bezel. According to the specifications that Pantech released, each bezel on the smartphone measures just 2.4 millimeters across.

The Ubuntu Edge, a smartphone that will run both Android and Ubuntu Mobile when launched, boasts of having such a user-friendly interface that it does not require a home button. Thus, while its top bezel is quite thick, the rest are much thinner, allowing consumers to enjoy a spacious screen.

Other smartphones with thin bezels include the Sony Xperia Z, HTC One, Samsung Galaxy S4, and the Motorola Droid Ultra. Generally, these smartphones have bezels that are thin on the sides of the display, but are slightly larger on the top and bottom parts, where physical buttons, speakers, or physical buttons are located.

Leaked photos of other yet-unreleased smartphones, such as the Moto X, Samsung Galaxy Note 3, and the Sony Xperia Honami i1, also show the same tendency for thin bezels.

Bezel-less smartphones?

We still do not know when manufacturers will be able to release a truly bezel-less smartphone with an edge-to-edge display. For that matter, we do not know whether such a device will even be practical. Today, the bezels on smartphones, no matter how thin, serve significant functions such as supporting the camera or the speakers. However, manufacturers seem to be at the brink of solving the design problem of keeping such hardware in place without the use of a bezel. Now all we have to do is to wait.

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