SK Telecom wants to carry LTE-advanced iPhone 5S


LTE-advanced is just starting to creep out into some major cities, with the promise of 150Mb download speeds, it looks like the next evolution in LTE wireless networking. Even though LTE is just starting to roll out in some places, SK Telecom, the major carrier in South Korea, said they want to carry future iPhone devices, hinting at the iPhone 5S.

Currently SK Telecom only has one device on the LTE-advanced service, the Galaxy S4. They have said they want seven on the service, with Apple’s products as one of them. SK Telecom and Apple are currently in negotiations to get the iPhone 5S on LTE-advanced.

We expect the iPhone 5S to be released later this year alongside iOS7, it will have a larger camera with dual-LED flash and may come alongside the iPhone Mini, or whatever Apple decide to call the low-cost iPhone.

Via: Engadget

Source: Korea Times

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