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Secure Your Corporate Email With The New 3CX Mobile Device Manager Release

The Android platform is a robust system that is generally secure. It however lacks some features that can secure and manage corporate email. This is why most of the times corporations rely on Blackberry for their communication needs. There is however a way for you to corporations  Android and still secure sensitive corporate email and that is with the use of the latest version of 3CX Mobile Device Manager.

Mobile Device Management

3CX Mobile Device Manager v6.3 now allows administrators to remotely configure corporate email to make it more secure thus protecting sensitive information. It also now comes with a remote access feature that makes it easy for administrators to manage devices.

According to Nick Galea, 3CX CEO, “Up until now, Android has lacked the management features to control and secure email. Hampered by Android’s inability to manage corporate email, that mantle has traditionally fallen to Blackberry. With 3CX Mobile Device Manager 6.3, businesses can have peace of mind as they can securely and efficiently deploy corporate email as well as delete emails and attachments from Android devices at any point.”

We all know that the stock email app on Android has limited functions. What 3CX did is to integrate Aqua Mail, which is one of the most popular mobile email clients, into the system. This allows administrators the ability to configure corporate emails remotely and retain control of the attachments and mail.

One other new feature in this version is that the popular 3CX DroidDesktop Android app has also been integrated. This allows users to remotely access their device and transfer files from their mobile device to a PC and vice versa. It also allows for the remote deleting, copying and viewing of files which is an important feature for administrators since it allows for easy management of storage space. Administrators will also be able to view the inner workings of any Android device thus be able to remotely fix any problems that may arise.

The new features brought about by this latest release are definitely crucial in any corporate environment that’s using the Android platform.

You you’re interested in a secure mobile device with complete remote access and control, check out  and test drive a free 3CX Mobile Device Manager account for up to 5 Android and iOS devices.

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