Samsung still contemplating adding flexible display to Galaxy Note 3


Samsung is reportedly still contemplating adding a flexible display to the Galaxy Note 3, despite reports it will launch at IFA 2013, on the first week on September. The company is keeping the decision until the last minute, as they try to work out if they can mass produce the flexible plastic OLED display to scale.

This is a questionable report, we have already heard Samsung has been put off by the amount of time and effort it takes to make the flexible displays and the company has reportedly given up on the flexible displays for the Galaxy Note 3. This led to the idea LG would be the first manufacturer to bring flexible displays to the market, according to reports, it should be sometime at the end of 2013.

The flexible display will be hidden behind rigid glass anyway, but it would be nice to see it come to the Galaxy Note 3. If any company is in the position to make last minute big changes to a product, it is probably Samsung, because of the manufacturing prowess.

Samsung will pump a lot of new technologies into the Galaxy Note 3, it will be the first smartphone to have 3GB of RAM onboard and we expect it to come with Android 4.3 and in South Korea it may come with the octo-core processor and LTE-advanced.

Source: Asia Economic

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