Samsung Smartwatch could launch alongside Galaxy Note 3

samsung smartwatch

The Samsung Smartwatch known as the GEAR could break cover alongside the Galaxy Note 3 on the 6th of September at the IFA 2013 event, according to a new rumor. We’ve previously heard about Samsung patenting the name “GEAR” for a future Smartwatch like product. As this is just a rumor, we urge you to treat it as such. But considering how other manufacturers seem to be hell bent on launching a Smartwatch, it would be foolish to count out Samsung.

We’ve heard a lot about the Apple iWatch, and since more recently, the LG Smartwatch. With the concept relatively new to manufacturers other than Sony, the Smartwatch could spark off a pretty decent rivalry in the market. Sony recently announced the upgrade to its original Smartwatch which tells us that there’s plenty of interest with the product.

Could 2013 be the year of Smartwatches? We doubt it. But the presence of an Apple and Samsung Smartwatch side by side might just make things interesting.

Source: Patently Apple

Via: Phone Arena

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