Samsung runs into manufacturing issues with fingerprint scanner


We recently heard about Apple’s issues getting the biometric fingerprint scanner onto the iPhone 5S, due to delays in the manufacturing process. It seems Samsung has the same problems and has had to cut it from the Galaxy Note III.

Originally, Samsung was ready to put the fingerprint scanner onto the Galaxy Note III, trumping the iPhone 5S launch with the sensor. However, when trying to manufacture the amount of Galaxy Notes, they ran into problems.

It seems even though fingerprint scanners have been a common feature on enterprise level computing for around a decade, building a smartphone to the scale of Apple and Samsung cannot be done with the sensor on board, simply due to scale.

We are unsure how many Galaxy Note III units Samsung is preparing to make, but it must be a multi-million number if the company cannot scale the fingerprint sensor to the masses. This is one of the first manufacturing issues Samsung has ran into, with the prowess of the South Korean electronics giant normally not stopping for anything.

Samsung has always been an early adopter of new technologies, especially in regards to sensors and antennas. They were one of the first to embrace NFC and Android Beam and were the first to move to LTE-advanced. The company has also pushed octo-core processing and may be the first company to introduce 3GB of RAM on a smartphone.

Source: Android Authority

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