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Samsung I9192 Galaxy S4 Mini Dual SIM Now Available


 While you may be fed up with the constant stream of Galaxy devices, it’s only now that we have finally seen a Galaxy S4 Mini dual SIM hit the market. The Galaxy I9192 is a dual SIM variant of the original Galaxy S4 Mini and has specs and an appearance almost identical to the original S4.

The Galaxy S4 Mini dual SIM is now available for many countries, including the US, India and Spain. The phone has both the Black Mist and white Frost version and can be purchased for $483 for the Black Mist version and $489 for the White Frost variant.

It’s nice to see that Samsung are opening their arms to other countries and now have dual SIM variants of their phones in countries like America instead of only distributing them to the western market.

The dual SIM Galaxy S4 Mini will allow the owner to switch between the usage of two SIM card at once. Android usually has a few settings to allow you to easily switch between each one, and this makes it easy for owners to use each SIM card for particular reasons.

source: GSMArena

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