Samsung GT-I9600 (Galaxy S4 Plus?) Gets Benchmarked Again, Runs Android 5.0 This Time

It used to be so simple to get the mobile market, its players, their branding schemes and marketing strategies. Samsung, for instance, had the premium Galaxy S family which sat above all the rest and got a new addition once every 12 months.

Galaxy S4

Now however the GS line consists of not only one top-tier phone, but two or three, plus a couple extra that, put simply, are not so hot. And still there’s apparently room for more. Otherwise, how can you explain another GS4 variation is in the works, known at the moment only by its GT-I9600 model number?

Remember, the original Galaxy S4 carried the GT-I9500 model number, so this I9600 can only be a rehash of that, an upgrade or the Galaxy S5. But there’s no way in hell the S5 is already in advanced testing, not before the Note 3 can see daylight, so we’re left with the other two possibilities.

Based on a GFX benchmark that emerged online moments ago, I’m inclined to go with the rehash, although several upgrades are definitely in store for this I9600. For one thing, the upcoming giant, which I’m guessing will be called something along the lines of “Galaxy S4 Plus”, runs Android 5.0 already.

Galaxy S4 Plus

Confused much? I am. After all, Google is yet to make Android 4.3 officially official, while 5.0 is said to only come in October. But if that’s the case, how come Samsung gets to test it so early? Could it be that this GS4 Plus is in fact a Nexus device? Or at least a GS4 Plus “Google Edition”? Yeah, that first guess sounds like a stretch, but the second is more than a remote possibility.

Okay, what else do we know of the GT-I9600? Well, it’s apparently powered by a processor clocked at 1.9 GHz. The make and model are unknown, but fairly easy to guess based on the pairing Adreno 320 GPU. We’re thus likely looking at the same quad-core Snapdragon 600 CPU found inside the first Galaxy S4 version.

Everything else seems to be wrapped in mystery, but chances are this thing will become official sooner rather than later and we’ll find out then if there are other differences between it and the Galaxy S4 aside from the 5.0 Key Lime Pie running. Anyone excited? How about bored with the always expanding S4 family?

Via [GFX Bench]