Samsung Gear trademark hints at smartwatch


Samsung’s Executive Vice President Lee Young Hee confirmed the company was building a smartwatch back in May and said they had been working on the concept for quite some time, hinting at a close release date.

The light has not really been on Samsung’s smartwatch since then, but now a new trademark, the Samsung Gear, could be the new smartwatch name, with the trademark filing having words within like bracelet and wrist watch, it seems highly likely.

We are unsure what the Samsung Gear will bring, they could release the phone on Android OS or on their new Tizen OS. Sony just released a smartwatch on running Android, with a small store to download wirst-watch applications.

With Apple prepping the iWatch and Google possibly coming in with a smartwatch in the next year, this space is going to get overcrowded quickly. The Pebble smartwatch started this giant leap to wearable technology and now all technology companies seem adamant to make their own.

Source: Phandroid