Samsung ‘Gear’ Smart Watch could be designed by Rolex


According to a recent patent filing by Samsung, its upcoming Smart Watch could be known as ‘Gear’. And we are now getting information that this Smart Watch could be designed by Rolex, the luxury watch maker.

We’re not sure if any of this is true, so treat it merely as a rumor for now. But given the kind of major deals Samsung has been striking of late, it won’t surprise us if Rolex eventually ends up designing the upcoming Samsung Smart Watch.

Going by what we have seen from Sony, Samsung will be looking to better it in every aspect. This means it could take a long time to actually materialize, but we’re led to believe that Samsung is secretly working on this at its R&D facility.

A Smart Watch is basically a smartphone’s companion, letting users read essential information from the phone. It also acts as a more than decent substitute to your standard watch. Manufacturers like Apple are said to be in the running to launch a Smart Watch soon.

Source: USPTO

Via: Cult of Android

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