Samsung Galaxy S4 crosses the 20 million sales mark within two months


Big news coming from Korea is that Samsung has managed to sell over 20 million units of the Galaxy S4 in double quick time compared to its predecessors. It has taken just two months for Samsung to achieve this feat, while in contrast, the Galaxy S III took close to a 100 days to sell as many units. This is something the company can take pride in as people have been rather skeptical about the smartphone’s success.

Needless to say, the Galaxy S4 is now the fastest selling Android device in the world. About 500,000 units of the smartphone were sold in South Korea alone, so we can imagine the buzz and popularity the smartphone carries around the globe. The VP of Samsung Mobile, JK Shin gave out the info to Korean reporters.

With the introduction of several new variants of the Galaxy S4, it will be interesting to see if the sales will remain constant over the coming months. Samsung certainly has a lot on its plate in Q3 as the much awaited Galaxy Note 3 is set to be unveiled this September.

Via: Sam Mobile