Samsung Galaxy S3 Screen Darkens While Dialing

galaxy s3 screen darkens

Several Galaxy S3 users have been complaining about their screens getting dark while dialing. Some say that it is a glitch in the software and others even blame the recent OTA updates for it. But based on our research, the problem lies in the configuration of the phone’s settings most of the time.

So, if you happened to be experiencing the problem too, try performing the solutions that are provided here first before you complain to Samsung about it or even decide to perform a Factory Reset on your Galaxy S3.

#1 Disable the Galaxy S3 Power Saving Feature

First, check the Power Saving option of your Galaxy S3. Apply the solutions featured here to disable it. Try to observe if it solves the issue.

#2 Enable the Galaxy S3 Smart Stay Feature

If the first solution does not work, try to see if enabling the Smart Stay feature of the Galaxy S3 will do the trick according to Android Central. Here’s how to do it:

a. From the Home screen, tap the Apps icon.

b. Proceed to the Settings icon.

c. Go to Display under the Device section.

d. Check the box in the Smart Stay option.

#3 Disable the Galaxy S3 Proximity Sensor

This is another solution provided by the same source which will turn off the proximity sensor of the phone during calls. Just perform the steps here to accomplish it:

a. From the Home screen, select the Phone icon.

b. On the dialer, press Menu.

c. Go to Call Settings.

d. Uncheck the option that will “Turn Off Screen During Calls”.

#4 Remove Protective Film Covering the Sensors

Ensure also that the transparent film protecting the screen of the Galaxy S3 is not touching its proximity sensors. These sensors (which appear as two small dark circles) are located on the left side of the front-facing camera.

#5 Disable Galaxy S3 Auto Screen Off

Disable the Auto Screen Off feature of the phone as well using the steps in this article’s number 2 solution.

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