Samsung Galaxy S3 Lag While Playing Games

galaxy s3 lag

One Samsung Galaxy S3 user narrated to us this particular problem that he has been experiencing when playing games on his smartphone:

“Whenever I open any games, my Galaxy S3 lag while I am playing. Among them are Real Racing 3 or Airport City. It closes my apps and takes me back to the Home screen. I also noticed this with every other app. My phone is not rooted and it is running the stock premium suite 4.1.2. Even the Factory Reset has not solved the problem. I still have 2GB left on my phone memory. So, guys please give me an advice.”

The Possible Causes of the Galaxy S3 Lag When Playing Games

The 2GB internal memory should not be in issue. Then, the Factory Reset should have fixed the problem the Galaxy S3 lag already. So, the culprit must be one of the games that you are running since it apparently happened again when you reinstalled the same games following a Factory Reset.

Based on the user feedbacks of Real Racing 3 in Google Play, Android Central and XDA Developers, many users find this game very buggy. The common complaint of users about the game is that it keeps on crashing every time. I am not just talking here about Galaxy S3 lag because many Galaxy Note 2 owners have been experiencing the issue too.

However, it seems that the bugs are random because not everyone is having them. I have noticed though that the most number of complaints about the game came from people running the stock ROMs. So, there might also be some connection with that.

The Possible Solutions to the Galaxy S3 Lag When Playing Games

If you really are a fan of the game, try updating it to its latest version. According to its description in Google Play, it was updated last July 16. You may want to update your OS to the latest version of the Jelly Bean to optimize the performance of your device as well. But this is not a guarantee if the cause of the Galaxy S3 lag is with the game itself.

Then, try to limit the apps running in your background to free up some RAM. Among the many reasons why apps sometimes fail to work well is that other apps are running in the background and eating up too much processing memory. In addition, resetting your app preferences may solve the Galaxy S3 lag also.

Determine too if the cause of the lag of the other apps are somewhat associated with Real Racing 3. Disable the game for a while and see if the other apps will run properly.

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