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One Samsung Galaxy S3 user sent us this question through Mailbag, “I use the preloaded navigation app that came with my Galaxy S3 all the time. I went to use it today and it’s gone!  The same icon is still on my home screen, but when I tap on it, it’s not the same app.  What happened and how can I get it back?  Do I need to contact AT&T?”

Possible Cause of the Galaxy S3 Problem

The most likely cause of the problem is just a minor glitch in the system. According to a thread in an AndroidCentral forum, this is probably due to errors in the cache.

Possible Solutions to the Galaxy S3 Problem

Before considering contacting your carrier, perform the following steps first:

1. Reboot the Galaxy S3

Restarting your phone remains to be the quickest solution to any minor glitch. But later on, after opening and closing apps continuously, there is a possibility that the error will happen again. If it does, proceed to the next part.

2. Clear Data and Cache of the Galaxy S3

Just follow the steps below to clear the cache of the Galaxy S3:

a. From the Home screen, press the Menu button.

b. Go to Settings.

c. Proceed to Applications.

d. Swipe your finger to get to the All panel.

e. Select the buggy app (in this case, the navigation app).

f. Choose the Clear Data and Clear Cache options.

3. Disable or Uninstall Suspicious Apps

See if an app is causing this by entering Safe Mode. Keep it in that mode for a while and observe if the problem still occurs. If the error does not appear in Safe Mode, there’s definitely an app causing this. Try to disable your recently installed apps or any suspicious apps if this is the case.

4. Factory Reset

If while on Safe Mode, the problem is still there, then it’s about time for you to reset your Android phone to its Factory Settings.

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