Samsung Galaxy S3 Hangs and Google Play Errors Appear

Galaxy S3 problems

This Samsung Galaxy S3 article will tackle the issues related to the error messages that say, “Unfortunately, the process has stopped” and “Unfortunately, Google Play store has stopped working”.

#1 Solution

According to Techradar, the Android operating system of the Galaxy S3 provides different options for every installed app that its user can customize to cater his/her preferences. However, it can be a good thing and a bad thing at the same time. This is because this might produce errors in your phone if some important configurations or notifications for crucial apps have been changed.

Here is how to give it an overall reset so your apps will go back to their global settings:

  1. Click Apps icon.
  2. Press the Menu button.
  3. Go to Settings.
  4. Proceed to Reset App Preferences and tap Reset Apps.

#2 Solution

If the error messages come after the Galaxy S3 freezes for a while, it is possible that it is also running too many apps in the background. So, try closing the apps that you are not using or clear its RAM in order to give your processor some breathing room. You can limit the apps running in the background as well to fix the issue.

#3 Solution

Try to determine if other apps are causing all the trouble. Disable any apps that you have installed before the problem happened and observe whether they are responsible for the errors or not. Alternately, you can enter into Safe Mode and keep it that way for a couple of hours to see if the problem will still occur there.

#4 Solution

If none of these will work, backup your data and perform a Factory Reset.

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