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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Rumor Roundup – Hardware, Software, Availability, Pricing and More

The king is dead, long live the king! That’s what the tech world is likely to proclaim two months or so from now, when Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 will take over the Android crown from the Galaxy S4.


A Galaxy S4 which proved to be a smaller box-office hit than some predicted, but an S4 that still sells like hotcakes and will continue to do so for months to come. As for the Note 3, even if its formal introduction and especially commercial release are a long way down the road, the rumors are piling up to already create the image of a worthy successor to the throne.

Without further ado, let’s see what the GNote 3 will be all about, based on existing speculations from sources (some reliable, some not so much), as well as educated guesses and solid forecasts.

Galaxy Note 3 pricing and availability

Usually, I would wrap up a rumor roundup with this section, but for the Note 3 I’m willing to make an exception. Why is that? Let’s not kid ourselves, even if the thing will turn out to be just a minor upgrade compared with its predecessor (think Galaxy S4 vs S3), it will still be spectacular.

In which case the make or break details will likely be the price tag and release date, since there’s increasing competition in the “phablet” décor from OEMs like Sony or HTC.


So when should you expect the Note 3 to be out and about? Early October is the best guess, with a formal intro ahead of IFA (September 4 or 5). In terms of pricing, I don’t have an exact number for you yet, but a good ballpark would be $700 in America and €700 in Europe.

That’s a little north of what the Note 2 sells for, but it’s very close to Sony Xperia Z Ultra’s price point. With US contracts, I’m willing to bet my house (it’s not mine anyway) the Galaxy Note 3 will go for $299.99.

Note 3 design

This is still sort of a sensitive topic, since we are oddly very short of leaked pictures of the device (well, the kind that we can trust, at least). In fact, there’s not even one such pic circulating around the web yet, with concepts and possible renders the only things keeping us warm at night.

Prototype or fake? I'll go with the latter, thank you very much!
Prototype or fake? I’ll go with the latter, thank you very much!

On the other hand, numerous sources have told us the Note 3 will be constructed of familiar plastic (bummer) and be for the Note 2 what the Galaxy S4 is for the S3 – an evolution more than a revolution.

A major point of controversy design-wise regards the possible flexible aspect of the display. Most “insiders” seem to think the Note 3 will not be in any way bendable or curvable, but there are also those that say the opposite. My two cents? Sammy will not risk implementing a technology that’s not done yet into one of its most important profit-drivers.

Hardware, tech specs, display, etc.

5.7 or 5.99-inch? Super AMOLED or AMOLED and LCD? Snapdragon 800 or Exynos 5 Octa? These are only some of the questions that still need answers and will probably continue to need them until just a few days before Note 3’s formal intro.


As I already stated, this rumor roundup is based on rumors, but also on educated guesses, so if you’ll allow me, here are my own personal guesses regarding GNote 3’s specs. The third-gen “phablet” will probably sport a 5.99-inch display (Full HD, of course), pack a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 CPU in some flavors and Exynos 5 Octa in others, at least 2 GB of RAM (I’m not ruling out 3), S Pen support (duh!), 13 MP rear camera, 32, 64 and likely also 128 GB of storage, microSD support, as well as the works in terms of connectivity (4G LTE, NFC, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, maybe even LTE-Advanced as standard).

The battery should be at least 3,300 mAh, while as far as that LCD rumor goes I think it’s utter and complete nonsense. There, I said it!


Another sensitive topic and another one where we are short of trustworthy intel. Then again, aided by my supernatural powers of deduction, I can be fairly certain of the following things. 1. The Galaxy Note 3 will run Android (great guess, eh?).


2. It will come with Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, given 5.0 Key Lime Pie is to only become official in October. 3. It will have a new TouchWiz UI on top, but probably one that will resemble Galaxy S4’s very much. The S4, as you very well know, has brought with it numerous software gimmicks special features and Samsung will probably look to put additional work into those rather than roll out a bunch of new ones.

In other words, expect the Note 3 to rock improved Smart Stay, Smart Pause and Smart Scroll functions, plus a better S-Voice service and usable air gestures for a change.


Right, that’s about everything for now, but beware for updates. After all, with two months and some change to go and no renders of the actual device leaked, I could very well have missed the mark with all of my above guesses and forecasts.

Who knows, maybe the Galaxy Note 3 will end up being made of stainless steel, sport a 7-inch fully flexible display, pack a 16-core CPU, run Android 6.0 Lemon Cheesecake and feature mind-reading software. It could happen…

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