Samsung dominates Android traffic in North America

Samsung leads in terms of Android web traffic in the United States and Canada as compared to other Android smartphone and tablet brands. The information comes from Chitika, which based the results on online ad impressions they recorded between the dates of June 17 to 23, 2013. Chitika arrived at the results by analysing ad impressions from millions of smartphones and tablets, then classifying the impressions by the brand of the mobile devices.


According to the Chitika study, Samsung enjoys a massive 47.2 percent share of U.S. and Canada Android web traffic. Following Samsung by a huge gap is HTC, which only has 9.7 percent. Next in line is Motorola, with 9.5 percent, Amazon with 8.8 percent, LG with 8.3 percent, ZTE with 2.5 percent, Google with 2.5 percent, Huawei with 2.2 percent, Sony with 1.9 percent, Barnes and Noble with 1.3 percent, Kyocera with 0.9 percent, Asus with 0.9 percent, Pantech with 0.8 percent, Acer with 0.7 percent, and lastly, Toshiba with 0.5 percent.

Chitika suggests that Samsung’s significant lead is due to the company’s use of Android on most of its mobile devices, as well as its marketing know-how. Chitika cites a Wall Street Journal Report that mentions that Samsung has a very large marketing budget. Last year, the South Korean electronics giant reportedly spent $401 million in advertising, which is significantly higher than the $333 million that Apple spent in the same period. It supposedly helps, as well, that Samsung has a wide range of mobile devices, targeting various market segments.

Chitika likewise analysed the web traffic distribution from various Android-based Samsung devices. Their study revealed that 32 percent of the web traffic comes from the Galaxy S III, 25 percent from various unspecified Samsung smartphones or tablets, 14 percent from the Samsung Galaxy S II, 13 percent from the Galaxy Tab, 9 percent from the Galaxy Note, and 7 percent from the Galaxy S IV.

Chitika also draws attention to Amazon’s 8.8 percent share. Unlike many of the other manufacturers included in the study, Amazon does not sell smartphones, and only has the Kindle and Kindle Fire tablets to contribute to the Android web traffic. Chitika likewise reports that in a study released last month, the Amazon Kindle Fire was the top Android tablet with the largest share of web traffic in North America, second only to the Apple iPad, and followed by the Samsung Galaxy Tab family in the third spot.

via cnetchitika, wsj