Samsung details 10 hidden features of the Galaxy S4


In an attempt to educate new users of the Galaxy S4, Samsung has published a neat little post describing some of the secret features of the smartphone. These secret tips might come in handy even for the users who already own the smartphone. Some of these built-in features might have completely skipped your eye whilst using the smartphone on a daily basis, so we recommend you to give it a brief look.

Some features are pretty standard and well known, like the two finger swiping to expose the quick settings panel and one finger swiping to just show the notifications bar. Stock Android users might have a thing or two to say about the Samsung Quick Settings Panel as it features pretty much every feature on the smartphone in the form of a toggle switch. Other little known features like pinch to zoom from almost anywhere, noise reduction while on phone calls, as well as using the device as a remote control for the television are also detailed here.

Samsung heavily markets some of the features like Air View and Smart Pause, but these under the hood features are hardly talked about. So it’s good to see a detailed post published by Samsung on all the secret or hidden features of the Galaxy S4.

Source: Samsung Tomorrow

Via: Phone Arena

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