Samsung Cronus outed as the next Windows Phone 8 device


The Samsung Cronus has been outed as the next Windows Phone 8 device from the South Korea mobile giant, the app Mobile Care references the Cronus as one of the many devices able to use the Samsung app.

We have heard previously about the Samsung Cronus, from a user on Reddit stating it could be either a smartphone or laptop, with an aluminium frame. It seems it will be a smartphone and Samsung is upping the class with aluminium, instead of plastic.

Samsung may be using the Cronus as a codename for the smartphone, with the end name likely to fit the ATIV line of devices currently being pumped out by Samsung on Windows Phone and Windows 8.

We have no details on internals for the Cronus, for now, it is just a name and an aluminium frame.

Via: PhoneArena

Source: Windows Phone

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