Samsung close to scoring enterprise contract with FBI and Navy


Samsung said earlier this year they would be investing heavily in the enterprise business, developing custom applications and programs on top of Android to make the mobile more secure and offering some third party applications within the suite.

It seems they are very close to nabbing two big contracts away from BlackBerry, who have for the past decade been the leaders of the mobile enterprise. It is reported Samsung will be getting a big order of mobiles from the FBI and a smaller order from the Navy, coming equip with the latest in enterprise security.

The KNOX mobile security suite is what Samsung has been developing for the past year, it offers several enterprise features embedded into the Android operating system, including an application separating work from personal, individual application VPN and the ability to add different regulations for work areas.

We believe Samsung will move to secure more enterprise contracts as they take the last stepping stone in BlackBerry’s empire away. BlackBerry does still have a relevant enterprise market, but it has shrunk, like BlackBerry’s consumer market, in the past few years.

Android does have some problems, especially the open source nature of the OS, that need to be addressed before some enterprises by into Samsung’s offering. Even though there are these additional security suites, we must question how had it is for someone with hacking experience to destroy this secure KNOX suite.

Source: WSJ