Samsung caught boosting benchmark scores for smartphones


Samsung has been caught boosting its benchmark score for some benchmarking applications, allowing the CPU and GPU to run at full speed when being tested, but once it has finished the Samsung smartphones clock back down to lower pegs.

Testers found the Samsung Galaxy S4 international variant GPU runs at 533MHz during a benchmarking test, however it will only run at 480MHz when no benchmarking on certain flagged apps is running.

The same is found with the CPU, when using the apps GLBenchmark 2.5.1, AnTuTu, Linpack, a Samsung program sets the faster quad-core processors to run, while on GFXBench 2 it will run the lower 500MHz speed. Essentially the program has flagged certain apps and when they are opened the faster GPU and CPU cores will run, to make the phone look faster on benchmarks.

This is the first time a phone provider has been caught with cheating the benchmarking, but we are sure if it is easy to trick these apps, more vendors will do it to make their phone seem incredibly fast.

Like we have always said, benchmarking scores may be one of the easiest ways to find out the speed of a phone, but they do not reflect how fast day-to-day usage could be and users should always check reviews and test-units before splashing $200 on a smartphone for two years.

Source: AnandTech