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Rumors hint at potential $99 HP tablet for school season


Rumors are indicating that HP could be looking to have a slice of the back to school season sales with a new budget friendly tablet. According to Digitimes, HP will sell this new Android tablet for only $99 through retail outlets like Walmart in the U.S. The tablet apparently is being assembled by Chinese firm BYD. It is claimed that this 7 inch tablet will run on a single core Intel Medfield chip, which means there won’t be extravagant benchmark scores to brag about. But considering the price tag, the performance isn’t going to be its forte.

We’re guessing HP will pack a low res display on board in order to cut costs along with a paltry amount of internal storage and RAM. Even though the tablet appears to be a steal for its price, we don’t see a lot of people getting excited over it. With the Nexus 7 priced so cheap, it won’t surprise us if people barely notice this new HP tablet. Analysts have apparently deemed this tablet a failure already, which speaks a lot about HP’s presence in the mobile industry.

Source: Digitimes

Via: Phone Arena

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