Rovio posts a teaser for new Angry Birds Star Wars game


Rovio has just posted a “coming soon” teaser on its website, with this image attached to it with a mention of #july15 right at the bottom. This is clearly a teaser for an upcoming Angry Birds Star Wars refresh or something along those lines, as we can see Vader’s shadow on the bunker. Perhaps this will divulge deep into the Star Wars series and bring in more characters to the fore (we’re guessing young Anakin).

The reveal will take place this Monday, so there’s not much time left. Of late, Rovio has been losing steam despite launching several updates and spin-offs to the popular Angry Birds franchise. So we’re guessing a new agreement with Lucas Arts has resulted in yet another spin-off. I’m hoping there’s more to it than just some fancy new characters and change of location. There’s expected to be “awesome new powers, and maybe even a few surprises” too, so I will certainly look forward to it.

Source: Rovio

Via: Android Community