Red Motorola Droid Ultra photo leaked

New photo renders of the Motorola Droid Ultra that is coming to Verizon have arrived, this time toting a red casing.


Once again, this glimpse at the upcoming Motorola smartphone is brought to us by @evleaks. It would be recalled that the same popular leaker is also responsible for bringing us an alleged photo of the entire 2013 Motorola Droid family, showing the Droid Mini, the Droid Ultra, and the Droid Maxx, all toting black casings.

The photo shows that only the rear plate, and part of the front plate is red. In other words, there is still plenty of black on the bezels surrounding the smartphone’s display. On the other side of the smartphone, you can see the camera, the word Droid, the Motorola logo, and further below, the Verizon logo.

The Unlockr reveals that Motorola opted to provide the Droid Ultra, which is this year’s Android flagship from the Google-owned company, a more exciting color option. Supposedly, such smartphone, along with the Droid Mini, will also come in white, as well.

The same blog points out that Motorola had received some criticism in the past for introducing some colored accents to the sides of its smartphones. However, for now, Motorola seems putting that behind them and appears to be getting ready to tempt consumers with a more boldly-colored handset.

Meanwhile, an alleged photo of the Droid Ultra in white surfaced earlier this month from a member of the xda-developers forum. Said image, unlike the leaked Droid Ultra in red, sports an all-white front. Another difference between the photos is that the white Droid Ultra leaked a couple of weeks ago bears the new Motorola logo on the upper left part of the front plate. Such logo is missing on the photo of the red Droid Ultra.

A leaked photo of a Ferrari Elite Partners New Orleans 2013 limited edition Droid Ultra surfaced earlier this month, as well. However, that photo only showed part of the smartphone’s back plate.

A premium offering, the Motorola Droid Ultra is rumored to feature a 5-inch 1080p display, 10 megapixel RBGC camera, and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chipset under the hood.

According to the latest rumors, Verizon will be unveiling the Droid Ultra, along with the Droid Maxx and Droid Mini on July 23. The company has already sent out invitations for a press event on such date.

via theunlockr