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Red Motorola Droid Ultra could be an exclusive to Verizon employees

Droid Ultra

A new rumor has revealed that the Motorola Droid Ultra in Red is going to be an exclusive to Verizon employees. It further claims that the device will be up for pre order for a meager price of $99.99 beginning from tomorrow. The smartphone will also come bundled with some freebies like the Griffin Reveal Case, an Ingress Invite code and a pair of SOL Republic Jax in-ear headphones. So it seems like Verizon is throwing a little bonus for its employees.

The Droid Ultra is all set to be announced at an event scheduled for early tomorrow, so we’ll have all the information in less than 24 hours. The Red Droid Ultra with Kevlar coating on the back was spotted last Thursday. Since then we’ve been having quite a few leaks of the Moto X and other upcoming smartphones.

It is a little unfortunate that normal users might not be able to get their hands on this particular variant of the smartphone, but we’re guessing Verizon and Motorola has something special planned for the rest of us. We’re also awaiting the launch of the Droid Mini and the Droid Maxx along with the Droid Ultra tomorrow.

Via: Phandroid

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