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QR Code Exploit Gives Hackers Complete Control over Google Glass


In the digital age, what could possibly be scarier than having your computer hacked and given access to for malicious reasons? How about a piece of wearable tech that hackers could gain full control of just by simply getting you look at the wrong thing at the wrong time?

A new patch has recently been made behind closed doors for Google Glass in order to fix a problem that allowed hackers to take control of Glass by presenting a QR code to it’s camera. Google Glass currently has a system that will automatically spot QR codes and use them to trigger configurations within the system.

The main idea behind this is to give users quick access to things such as free WiFi spots- Google Glass wearers could simply look at a QR code to get set up. However, this new exploit certainly has riddled holes into the concept.

By hiding a QR code into what would seem like an normal image to the human eye would allow hackers to gain control of the Google Glass operating system, look at network traffic and take complete full control of the system.

The QR code exploit could be taken as far as to take control of the camera and view what was happening through that persons eyes. Luckily though, this exploit was found by someone who had no intentions for using it for harm, and thanks to this Google has managed to work on a patch for it.

source: Slashgear

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