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Possible render of an HP smartphone appears


A new render of a possible HP smartphone has been leaked, revealing stock Android and HP branding on the back. There’s little to know about this render as of now, but it certainly puts the idea of an HP smartphone out there.

Given the company’s history with Palm and webOS, we won’t be surprised if we see a cautious approach adopted by the company. The recently launched HP Slate 7 tablet has been a moderate success despite the ultra-low price tag.

HP has been rumored to be prepping a smartphone on several occasions, but none of the plans have materialized. It is hoped that something good comes of it this time around. But since this is only a render for now, we’re bound to be skeptical. HP’s problem traditionally has been with software updates, so unless that is fixed, it won’t matter even if their devices pack the best hardware in the world. HP’s marketshare is quickly shrinking even in the PC industry, so the company will be desperate to make an impact in the mobile industry.

Source: Phone Arena

Via: Talk Android

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