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Pebble Smartwatch could go on sale at Best Buy starting this upcoming weekend

pebbleWhat started out as a small little Kickstarter project is now an immense product with big name companies interested in competing with it. The Pebble Smartwatch, one of the first watches with a display to actually be widely purchased, could go on sale starting this upcoming weekend.

According to 9to5Mac, two Best Buy employees have been informed by management that Best Buy will start selling the Pebble smartwatch starting this upcoming weekend. In the photo above showing Best Buy’s internal inventory system, we can see an In Stock Date of 7/7/2013, which would put us right on this upcoming Sunday.

Pricing on the Pebble Smartwatch should be around $150, as that is what the device currently sells for on the official Pebble site. As far as available colors go, we can see a blank for that section, leaving us hopeful they’ll at least offer three of the five Pebble sells on their site.. However, more information should become available soon if this rumored launch date holds true.

Source: 9to5Mac


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