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Paul O’Brien Developing a HTC One 1-Click Switch Between Stock Android and Sense 5

HTC One users must be a happy lot.  The phone is actually the best in the market, at least according to them, and they have the option to easily turn their carrier phones with Sense 5 operating systems into stock Android AOSP without all the bloatware.  Now, imagine having both operating system options in one device, and having a feature to easily switch between them with a single click!

HTC Switch

Well, if you have HTC One, famed Android developer Paul O’Brien may soon have a program that will enable you to switch between the two almost completely different interfaces on your phone without having to do any re-installations or turn your phone off.  Paul’s project, called ‘Switch’, will enable dual booting which essentially means that the HTC One will have two different operating system utilizing the same hardware, enabling users to take advantage of the very different features of the clean and stylish uncluttered Stock Android interface and the many useful features that HTC Sense overlay offers.

Paul O’Brien is the leading Android developer who made the Modaco HTC One Custom ROM.  He posted on twitter that he is working on the ‘Switch’ project with the ultimate goal of offering users a simple, fast and effective way to enjoy the best in both worlds of AOSP and Sense 5.  The project is still in progress and just as you would imagine, being the first of its kind ever attempted on a smartphone, but we don’t know when we might get it.  If this project is successful, it may just open a new front for dual mobile operating systems.  A switch for Galaxy S4 and other high end smartphones may be developed in the near future.

Since switch is basically two operating systems in one phone, could there be a switch for mobile devices that run completely different operating systems in the future?  Will we see a ‘Switch’ that enables users to have one device but run android and another operating system, say Mozilla Firefox, or Windows Phone, and be able to switch between the two easily?  Let’s wait and see.

HTC switch 1

Source: Paul O’Brien via Android Authority 

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