Path now available on Amazon AppStore


Path has started to shape up into a real social network, even though many still have problems connecting with more than 10 friends. Even though the expansion to the Amazon AppStore may not be a huge boom for Path users, it shows the commitment to multiple different platforms.

The closed social network allows users to connect with 150 friends and be able to check their different content, either from Path or from Instagram, Foursquare and Facebook. Path was a mobile first app and still does not have strong web connections, it currently has around 10 million members.

We recently heard Path was preparing a second round of seed funding, pushing rumours aside about the social network being acquired by Yahoo or Facebook. The startup has been going for a few years and the majority of users come from Brazil and other developing countries.

The app can be downloaded on the Kindle Fire and through the Amazon AppStore app on Android, if you do not like Google Play for some odd reason.