Oppo N-Lens Camera To Challenge Samsung Galaxy Camera

Early this month there were reports stating that Oppo was working on a new dedicated camera device similar to that of the Samsung Galaxy Camera. Details of the said device were then few however what was known is that

  • It will likely be running on the Android platform
  • It will be using a high resolution camera
  • It will use an owl image processor ( enhance photos in low light situations)
  • It offers true to form image replication

A new report from Engadget says that a representative from Oppo has confirmed that their new camera product line will be called N-Lens. No further details were revealed regarding the said device. It’s definitely certain though that the device will be centered on photography. What we don’t know is if will retain its telephony features and will be able to make calls and texts.

It appears that the Chinese company aims to ride on the success of the Galaxy Camera by releasing their own model. With the popular trend of taking selfies and uploading the photos to social networks, this device may become quite popular.

Some other details revealed early this month of the N-Lens device is that it will come with an innovative body design that aims to support creativity. We are still not sure what this means but we are guessing that it’s going to support Android apps and users will be able to install photo editing apps on the device. This makes sense since there won’t be a need to transfer photos to a separate computer to have them edited before uploading them to social networks.

The device is also said to support remote shutter and flash. This feature is also available in the Samsung Galaxy Camera.

There is still no announcement as to when this device will be making its way in the market.

We will be following the developments of this device to keep you updated on it.

via engadget

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