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Opera browser for Android updated


Some late-night news for those of you that use the Opera browser on Android. The browser has been updated to version 15.0.1162.60140 (I know, long version number) and it brings some new features and speed improvements. The browser is now based off the Chromium 28 software, which, as you may or may not know, Opera uses Chromium as a base, just like Chrome does.

You can also now download video files that work in the browser, presumably YouTube or Vimeo since they work. You can even set where your files are saved, and you can even save them to an SD card. Speaking of SD cards, you can now open files from them, such as website links or PDF’s, if you so desire. The full release notes are as follows:

  • Based on Chromium 28
    – Improved startup-time
    – Download video. Possible to download video files that can be played in Opera
    – Set download location (where your files are downloaded to)
    – Improved tab-UI animations
    – Opening files from external SD Card now possible
    – New “open in private tab” context menu
    – Cookie clearing mechanism improved
    – Fix for bug causing Opera to be uninstalled from selected Samsung devices
    – Memory leaks plugged and general stability improvements.

As you can see, there are many updates and good additions to this browser. Opera is free, as it was before. If you use the browser, tell us how you like the new update.

Source: Google Play Store

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