Official Pacific Rim app hits the Play Store


Reliance Games has just launched the Pacific Rim app/game for Android. The game is based on the sci-fi film of the same name and features several of the same characters. The timing of the app’s launch coincides with the film’s release so that enough users can get their hands on it. There is certain amount of excitement as with any premium game, but it seems like the game lacks originality. Early impressions of the game suggest that the developers have borrowed heavily from the popular iOS title Infinity Blade.

The game has a ‘Survival Mode’ and over 30 missions to complete, so you won’t be getting through this in a day. The graphics appear to have lived up to the expectations too. While the game might not replicate the fluidity of Infinity Blade, it will certainly appeal to the fans of the upcoming movie.


Now for the crucial part i.e. the price. Well, you might want to look away right about now, as this won’t go easy on your wallets. The developers have decided to price the app at $5, which is a lot by app standards. This is a trend followed by several movie titles which were turned into an app, so we’re not really surprised. The Man Of Steel game was launched in mid-June for a similar price.

Head over to the source link below to download the Pacific Rim game today.

Source: Google Play Store

Via: Android Central

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