Nokia Asha Devices Gets Software Updates

Nokia’s Asha lineup is a range of smartphones and feature phones that caters to buyers looking for a good quality device at a low price. The company has now rolled out a software update for Asha models that brings about new features and functionalities.

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Some of the most prominent new features made available by the update are the dedicated YouTube launcher and an improved social experience. Some of the features are available on specific models. The Nokia Asha 305, Asha 306 and the Dual-SIM variants of Asha 308 and Asha 310 for example will now support WhatsApp for the first time.

If you own an Asha device then you can update it wirelessly OTA or using your PC with the help of the Nokia Suite software. Be sure to backup all your data before proceeding with the update.

OTA Method

Using this method you won’t need any special cables or a computer. All you need to do is an Internet connection to download the update and install it on your device.

For most phones you need to go to Menu > Settings > Phone > Device updates

Select “downl. phone sw”. You will be notified if there is an update available. If it is showing that an update is found then you just simply have to follow the onscreen instructions.

After the update has installed successfully you can check the version your device is now running on by pressing *#0000#.

There might be more than one update available for your device so you may be required to repeat the steps above.

To save on data costs it is best if you connect to the Internet using a Wi-Fi connection.

Nokia Suite Method

First you will need to get the latest Nokia Suite software in your computer. You can download it here.

Connect your device to your computer using a compatible USB cable then launch the Nokia Suite program.

In Nokia Suite go to Tools > Software updates then choose the update you want to download and click on Install.

Take note that some models such as the Nokia 110, Nokia 111, Nokia 112, Nokia 113, Nokia 114, Nokia 206, Nokia 301, Asha 205 and Asha 210 don’t support updates using the Nokia Suite so you’ll have to do it wirelessly OTA.

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