Nexus 7 Apps Lag After Updating Drippler Version

Nexus 7 Apps Lag After Updating Drippler Version

Some people who have updated the Drippler version of their Nexus 7 have been getting problems recently. Among them are encountering lags when opening apps, making a phone call or accessing the Contacts menu.

According to the XDA forums, the problem is not only present in the Nexus 7. Some other Android phone users (like Galaxy S3 owners) have been experiencing this problem as well just after updating. In addition, some users who have two units (one that updated its Drippler app to the latest version and what that did not), noticed that the phone with updated version is running slower than usual. So, the issue seems to be associated with the recent update.

Disable Apps in Nexus 7

But before blaming Drippler about it, it might be wise to try restarting your device. Then, disable the other apps that you are not using so your processor will have some breathing room. Disable or uninstall also the apps that are suspiciously using too much data in the background.

Here’s how you can go about it:

1. Press Menu and go to Settings.

2. Choose Apps and swipe to the All tab.

3. From there, just choose the app that you want to disable or uninstall.

Disable Background Sync in Nexus 7

If the method mentioned previously fails to solve the problem. Try disabling the Background Sync feature of your device as stated by XDA. You can do this by performing the steps below:

1. Open your App drawer.

2. Go to the Google Currents.

3. In the top right portion of the app, click the icon with three dots.

4. Access the Settings.

5. Uncheck the Enable Background Sync.

6. Reboot your device.


Disabling unused apps or the background sync function seemed to work for Nexus 7 users who have problems associated with the recent update of Drippler. However, be reminded that disabling apps or the background sync feature may halt some other usual functions of your device.

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