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New Photos of Optimus G2 Leak


It seems more photos of the Optimus G2 leak every day. Fresh off the news that on August 7th, LG is having an event in New York City, these photos from Engadget have leaked.

It seems LG is moving to on-screen controls, slightly modified from the Nexus-type buttons. Instead of back, home, and multitasking, we have back, home, and a menu button. The buttons (except for the home button) are in the opposite place of the ones on the Samsung Galaxy S4. That’s interesting, but that also means the screen may be bigger to compensate for the buttons. Here’s some more images.


In this picture, it appears that LG is going to a pleasing white aesthetic for the buttons and menus to control the camera.


This photo seems to be what the phone would look like when locked or off. It looks really nice and it seems the bezel has been really shrunken down.


Not much on the bottom, except for the Micro USB charging port, and a speaker and a microphone.


It looks like you can swipe the crystal any direction to unlock the phone. Maybe it flies off the screen for a nice visual unlock?


It looks like this is a closer image of the lock screen unlock method.


Once you get to the back of the phone, it gets really interesting. Towards the top, you can see what looks like volume buttons on the back of the phone, which we’ve seen in previous leaks.


This picture looks like it confirms that the volume buttons will be on the back below the camera. That’s pretty radical for a device, since most buttons are on the left or right side of a phone.

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These pair of photos appear to show that this particular phone is running with Android 4.2.2 under LG’s skin on the Sprint network.

As always, as more leaks come out, we’ll cover them, along when the phone gets officially revealed on August 7th.

UPDATE: Now a video on the phone has leaked.

Source: Engadget

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