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New Nexus 7 receives the teardown treatment from iFixit

Nexus 7 iFixit

The new Google Nexus 7 tablet has been torn down by renowned teardown experts, iFixit. Good news coming out of the teardown is that the team has given a decent repairability score for the tablet of 7/10 with 10 being the easiest to repair.

It is claimed that while the back cover can be pried open with a plastic tool, it is very thin and almost impossible not to damage while opening. Also, there’s plenty of adhesive used to stick the battery and other components together apparently, which is standard with new devices. The battery is believed to be bound by a seal, which needs to be broken before taking it out, which accounts to tampering and loss of warranty.

Nexus 7 iFixit

The front glass appears to be an even tougher nut to crack with a heat gun required to pry it open carefully. So all in all, the Nexus 7 teardown is a mixed result. However, iFixit claims that repairability has improved a lot compared to the 2012 Nexus 7. Regardless of these results, the regular user is always advised to take the tablet to a service center in the event of a claim.

Source: iFixit

Via: Android Community

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