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New Leak Reveals Verizon HTC One and Moto X Coming on August 1 and 23

Barely two days after we learnt that Verizon’s HTC One was headed to the FCC, a leaked roadmap obtained by phonearena has revealed what upcoming plans the carrier has on its release – including the date of its launch and the availability of the Moto X Phone which is currently the most anticipated smartphone.  The roadmap also revealed a few other things including when other high priority devices will be coming to the carrier’s stores.

Verizon HTC One and Moto X Roadmap

Verizon’s HTC One will finally be coming to the carrier on August 1st if the leaked document is anything to go by.  Motorola’s much anticipated customizable smartphone on the other hand is expected much later in the month – on August 23rd to be specific.  The document may have also proven the rumor that the carrier’s version of Moto X will not be coming with a DROID moniker as the document also shows that the carrier may be getting another Droid device.  The dates seemed to conflict when it comes to the Droid Ultra which is expected to come in August as well.

In the past, we have seen some devices launch later than what leaked roadmap documents show but in some cases the roadmap has been accurate.  This is actually the first tangible proof that a network has that the much talked about Moto X will actually be coming ahead of the holidays season and Motorola is on record saying that they will not hold back as far as advertising and promoting the device is involved and may be spending in excess of half a billion dollars in advertising the device across all the four major carriers.

Another thing that the leaked roadmap reveals is Verizon’s monthly warranty protection plans – a bummer in actual sense, and a number of feature phones to come soon.  The most notable is the Samsung Convoy 3, a feature phone built to military specs to resist vibration, dust, shock and high or low temperatures.  We also found out that there will be a new NFL Mobile 2013 product coming on August 1st – a reason for all us Super Bowl fans out there.

The document does not mention any Droid Maxx, Droid RAZR M or Droid Ultra devices though.  This could only mean that either their launch is not as close as we would have liked or they will be coming beyond September – a time not covered by the roadmap.

If you are a Big Red customer, mark the 1st and 23rd days of August as special launch dates for these new devices.

Source: PhoneArena


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