New image of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 leaked

Galaxy Note 3 Leak

Last week, we spotted a couple of blurry images claiming to be of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 3 smartphone. However, the image hardly revealed anything. But the same source has now captured two more images, showing what appears to be the Galaxy Note 3 phablet. It seems like some spy cam work has been done here as it hasn’t been taken from the right angle. However, we can clearly see a large sized smartphone lying on the table. It has plenty of stickers on it, which could mean it is one of the many prototypes of the smartphone. We’re hoping to see more images of the smartphone leak in the coming weeks.

Galaxy Note 3 Leak-1

From what we know of the smartphone, it seems like the Galaxy Note 3 will sport a large 5.7 inch Full HD display with three different variants (Super AMOLED, LCD and a flexible OLED) catering to specific markets. The smartphone is also said to sport 3GB of RAM, the yet to be announced Exynos 5420 chipset or the Snapdragon 800 chipset (market dependent), a 13MP camera on the back and Android 4.2 or 4.3 depending on Google’s announcement two days from now.

Source: Tech Kiddy

Via: Phone Arena