New Generation Corning Gorilla Glass Said to Be Antimicrobial, Non-Reflective

When we’re looking for protection on our smartphone displays we check and see if it is made of Corning Gorilla Glass. This material wasn’t actually intended to be used on smartphones as it was made in the 1950’s, way before the appearance of the smartphone. It wasn’t until the first iPhone began using Gorilla Glass that this material soon become a popular choice in mobile devices.

During the MIT Mobile Summit, Corning was able to provide insights on their next Gorilla Glass which now comes with a couple of extra features. Dr. Jeffrey Evenson, senior vice president and operations chief of staff for Corning presented their new technology.

Some of the key benefits and features of the company’s glass technology include

  • Glass can withstand an astonishing amount of pressure. Imagine, for example, a scale that measures the pressure under an elephant’s foot. Glass can theoretically tolerate the pressure of 10,000 elephants stacked on top of that scale – a strength of 10 gigapascals.
  • A sheet of glass is so stable that it would take 20 trillion times the age of the earth to create a visible sag in the thickness of a glass window. This dimensional stability is critical to manufacturers of high-performance devices.
  • You want to talk transparency? The glass used for optical fiber – which forms the backbone of the Internet – is 30 times more transparent than the purest water, and only about 1 percent less transmissive of light than air on a clear day.
  • As for being impermeable – consider the difference between plastic and glass covers on electronics. A molecule of oxygen could pass through a piece of 1-millimeter-thick plastic in about two weeks. That same trip would take 30 billion years through the same thickness of glass. That makes glass “an ideal enclosure for advanced display technologies such as OLEDs, which decay rapidly if exposed to oxygen or water.

We already know that this glass is pretty strong but here’s something new. During the presentation Evenson showed sheet of glass that appeared to have a hole in the middle. The hole wasn’t actually there as that portion of the glass was coated with the company’s new anti-reflection solution. This makes a mobile device using this technology have a better display when used outdoors.


Another new feature that is going to come with the company’s new glass is that it will come with a technology that will minimize bacterial formation. A clip showed by Emerson compared a standard glass and the new glass with the anti-microbial solution. In two hours the presence of bacteria in the standard glass was very high while the new glass was able to kill bacteria and viruses.


There is still definite information as to when the company will make this available to mobile device manufacturers. A statement was however made that it may come “in the next two years”.

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