Neon green Moto X appears on Guy Kawasaki’s Google+ album


Guy Kawasaki has been notorious for dropping hints on the Moto X, with the Motorola advisor putting a video of a man getting a custom car build and asking if smartphones could ever have this type of customisation.

Now we have got a photo of someone from the Motorola Campus Party holding a neon green Moto X, one of the many possible colours coming to the new flagship product from Motorola and Google.

Even though this little sneaky photo may have been an accident, it does show at least Motorola employees first choice of smartphone is the Moto X and we have recently seen Google Chairman Eric Schmidt also carrying the white version of the Moto X. In the photo the two other employees seem to be holding the Moto X as well, although this is debatable.

Neon green may be a little bit of an eyesore for some, but we believe the Moto X will come in over thirty different colours with some new materials added into the bunch, including a possible wooden smartphone.

It is only two days until the event and with this recent post, it basically confirms multiple bright colours inbound.

Source: Guy Kawasaki Google+

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