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Motorola rumored to be readying Nexus 4 like smartphone for below $320


The rumor mill is rife with speculation that Motorola is preparing a smartphone specifically made for European markets with specs similar to the LG Nexus 4. The rumor further claims that this smartphone will cost about $320 (€250) and will feature an 8MP camera, a 4.5+ inch display and 2GB of RAM. Perhaps this is the global variant of the yet to be announced Moto X smartphone. A late 2013 release has also been mentioned. The rumor originates from the Spanish website ADSL Zone, so we’re not quite sure about the legibility of this leak just yet.

Further, the device is believed to be customizable like the Moto X which could well mean replaceable back panels. Interestingly, the smartphone will apparently sell alongside the Nexus 4 and not necessarily replace it. So we’re not quite sure if it will be sold in the Google Play Store or as a Motorola product in retail shelves. Things are very sketchy as of now, so let us wait till we have more information.

Source: ADSL Zone (Translated)

Via: Cult of Android

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