Motorola new X8 ARM processor to power the Moto X


Motorola revealed at the Verizon Droid event their new X8 ARM processor, this is the first move by Motorola to develop their own ARM processor for Android devices and we believe it is in part due to Google Now and natural language processing.

The X8 core has two application cores, four graphical cores, one contextual computing core and one core for natural language processing. This is one of the first mobile processors to have a core separate for natural language processing.

At the Verizon event Motorola also revealed Touchless Control, a new feature that allows the user to complete simple tasks on the phone through voice commands. We believe this will be coming to the Moto X and will be an integral part of the smartphone.

The natural language processing core will apparently allow the phone to always be ready to hear commands, even when it is locked, something we heard would be on the Moto X. Unlike previous tries at this, Motorola is sure this will not lower battery life.

All of the new features seem to encapsulate what Google is trying to do with smartphones on Android and we can see Motorola becoming the go to hardware manufacturer for testing out some of these features, starting with the Moto X phone.

While the Moto X will come with a dual-core processor and 720p display, Google and Motorola have worked hard to make sure these are tip-top. The X8 ARM processor and OLED display shows the commitment to keeping prices down while keeping performance and quality up.

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