Motorola hints at fast shutter speed for the Moto X camera


Today’s Moto X leak is brought to us by Motorola Mobility itself, which has provided a hint about the camera which could arrive with the smartphone. On its Twitter account, Motorola posted several blurry photos of a child running around, pointing out that the kid must be moving really fast, or that smartphones today cannot keep up with such fast speeds. In other words, Motorola is suggesting that it will be featuring a camera with a very fast shutter speed on the highly-anticipated Moto X.

ClearPixel camera

Prior to Motorola’s hint, there have been several rumors about the camera on the smartphone, courtesy of Android and Me’s Taylor Wimberly. Wimberly, who has been posting information about the smartphone on his Google+ page, revealed that the Moto X will sport the new ClearPixel camera.

Such camera will supposedly eliminate photos that are blurred, dark, and do not have details. It will also offer support for gestures and have an RGBW sensor.

Gesture control

Android and Me surmises that gesture control could pertain to a flick that would launch the camera. It could be detected regardless of whether the phone is locked or not. This could work with the camera’s contextual awareness feature, which would be able to detect when a user wants to use a camera.

RGBW sensor

The RGBW sensor will assist users in capturing better photos in low lighting conditions through the use of an RGBW filter. Such filter was first created by Eastman Kodak, and is not an entirely new kind of technology. As compared to the more traditional RGB method, which leads to problems in less-than-optimal lighting conditions, the RGBW method takes in as much as three times more light than the RGD method. This is due to the white specks in the RGBW filter that let such light pass through.
Reportedly, Google purchased some Kodak patents in the past, which explains why Motorola, now a Google company, possibly has access to said technology.

Sony also said last year that it was going to feature an RGBW filter in some of its devices, but eventually decided against it, purportedly because it was below their standards.

Are you excited about the camera on the Moto X?

via twitter, androidandme, androidauthority