New Motorola job listing hints at future wearable technology


Motorola’s first attempt in the smartwatch arena was short lived, the Motoactv could connect to Motorola phones and had an Android music player, but it was quite expensive, quite ugly and quite poor at tasks.

Pebble started this whole idea of cheap smartwatches that can be useful and successful, but we are starting to see real focus on the design of the smartwatch. Users want excellent experiences on the smartwatch, but they also want to feel like they have a luxurious watch on their wrist, not a heap of junk.

The latest Motorola job listing seems to prove the company is serious about making smartwatches, they want someone to head up the wearables division and the job listing states the ideal candidate needs 15 years experience in the design, tech, consumer product or apparel field.

We can see why Motorola is now investing time on smartwatches, the Motoactv felt like a baby step into the arena and we believe now they have Google working alongside them and have rebranded themselves, they can make some beautiful and usable.

The question still stands on whether this will be the Google smartwatch we have previously heard rumours about or if Motorola is going their own way on the wearables battle. Google is invested with Google Glass but we have heard the Google X Division is making a smartwatch as well.

We believe the Motorola smartwatch will come with NFC, Bluetooth, Android 4.2, OLED display and will connect simply to your smartphone and your Google account.

Source: TechRadar

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