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Motorola Denies Rumored Moto X July 11 Event

A couple of hours ago, many blogs and websites reported that Google and Motorola had booked an event for July 11th and enthusiasts and ‘experts’ quickly went ahead to predict that Motorola, owned by Google, was going to finally unveil the much anticipated Motorola X Phone.  Rumors of the Moto X have been dominating the communications industry on the internet over the past two or so weeks but unfortunately, Motorola did not book any event for the 11th of July as many blogs reported.  although the Moto X has been listed as ‘Coming soon’ and its teaser has already been posted on Motorola’s website, the unveiling date is still a mystery.  The latest rumor that Motorola had a private press event scheduled for July 11th is false.

Motorola X

Shortly after Motorola launched a teaser page that confirmed the coming of the Moto X last week, a product page that displayed Motorola’s new Logo went live, combining the ‘X’ and ‘I’ which most interpreted to be roman numerals ‘X’ and ‘I’ adding up to 11, hence the 11th date of this month.  After blogger Leo Laporte confirmed that there would be a private event exclusively for about 50 press members to be held on the 11th of July, the rumor got stirred up and many a number of bloggers concluded that Motorola would be unveiling the ‘Mother of all customized smartphones’ Moto X on July 11th.  Leo said on TWiT yesterday (Monday) that Motorola emailed him with the details of what to expect from the Motorola event, along with a non-disclosure agreement that he had to honor, hence he could not disclose what the contents of the email.

This was the day Motorola fans expected to see the actual specs and features of the Motorola X.  as it turns out, 11th of July is the day Guy Kawasaki, a Motorola employee formerly an Apple evangelist, is ‘having a private gathering of friends’ and there will be no official launching of any Motorola products.

There are many rumors revolving around Motorola X but unfortunately, there seems to be no date set for official announcements as of now.  We expect that the launch of this mysterious smartphone will be a big event and we will definitely know in advance, so keep checking back here and we will update you on any new developments or rumors we come across.  For now, just know that the Motorola X Phone will not be launching on July 11th and Motorola will not be hosting any official events on the date.

Courtesy: Ubergizmo

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