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Moto X video showcasing features surfaces

A demo of the Moto X smartphone that is heading to Rogers, a Canada-based wireless operator, has been leaked online. The video was posted by a Google+ user called  Дима Прокопенко on his page.


The video begins with a woman introducing Motorola as a Google-owned company. She announces that the Moto X is exclusively available in Canada from Rogers, a fact that was already disclosed some time ago through a leaked internal document.

Open Mic

The video shows off the various features of the Moto X. One of these is the Open Mic feature, that was revealed in a separate leak recently on Reddit. The Open Mic feature, according to the voiceover, works with Google Now. It also responds even without touch input. Open Mic is able to perform a number of functions, such as dial a number, search for directions, or looking for information such as the weather forecast. The video shows the Moto X reading aloud the sought information. The video promises almost-instant delivery of search results, as the Moto X is said to support Roger’s LTE network.

One notable difference between the video leaked on Reddit and the Rogers tech demo is that the person in the Reddit video uses the phrase “OK Moto Magic,” prior to the voice command. Meanwhile, in the Rogers video, the user says “OK Google Now.”

Active Updates

Another feature is Active Updates, which is described as a feature that constantly listens to the user, then provides silent notifications on the display. Active Updates, it appears, was introduced in lieu of the blinking LED notification alerts. Users can choose to respond to the alert, or simply ignore it.

Fast Camera Launch

The camera on the Moto X is launched quickly and easily with a simple twist of one’s wrist. This was probably the gesture control feature that was announced earlier via a leak. Pressing any part of the touchscreen, instead of a shutter button, will allow a user to capture photos. Holding down the screen for some time also allows for continuous shooting.


The video ends with a note that the Moto X will be available from Rogers next month. There will be two colors, black and white. There is no mention in the video of the customization that is expected from the Moto X that will be released in the United States.

With all the leaks that have surfaced regarding the Moto X, our idea of the upcoming handset is becoming clearer and clearer. We’ll know in a few weeks whether the smartphone really deserves all the hype it has been getting lately.

Here is a link to the Rogers tech demo video.

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