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Moto X to be unveiled on July 11


Guy Kawasaki recently invited Leo Laporte to a Motorola event set to take place on July 10 – 11. This event will apparently have a few tech journalists and some Motorola staff and it appears to be a mobile announcement.

Nothing is set in stone and this could easily be some trick by Motorola to bring out the DROID RAZR Ultra or some other device nobody really cares about. However, we would question if this grants its own event for two days, something the Moto X definitely does.

There are possibly hidden messages in the Motorola ad released to newspapers, the two divers seem to be making an XI sign, in roman numerals that equals 11. This could be grabbing at straws, but we once the pattern starts it will continue.

The Moto X being unveiled at July 11 alongside the Nokia EOS release. It seems mobile companies are trying to compete on release dates a lot nowadays.

Source: PhoneArena

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